Restaurant in India has a fridge where patrons can leave leftovers for those in need.

Wow.. just.

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Restaurant in India has a fridge where patrons can leave leftovers for those in need.

One restaurant in India is bagging the idea of a traditional doggy bag.  Instead Pappadavada, a popular restaurant in Kochi, is urging customers and the community to put their leftover food in a refrigerator located outside of the eatery for the hungry to take.

People who are in need of a meal are encouraged to take from the fridge at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.

Minu Pauline, who runs Pappadavada, has nicknamed the fridge, which was placed there on March 23 and is shaded by a neighboring tree, “nanma maram” or “tree of goodness.”


The fridge is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and stays unlocked. Pauline asks that people write the date they left the food on whatever its wrapped in, so those who…

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When Accessibility gets Labeled Wasteful

Must read.


So there’s a debate going on, on Twitter right now between disabled people and people who either claim to care about the environment and or just want to complain about “lazy people”

The tweet that started it all

orangegate cropped

Image Description: tweet with a picture of peeled oranges in plastic containers on a grocery store (whole foods) shelf. Tweet reads “If only nature could find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them”

The original tweet has been shared over 70,000 times. Whole Foods has apparently agreed to remove the prepeeled oranges from their stores. Environmentalists and those who hate laziness rejoice!

The problem is that this discourse completely ignores how preprepared food impacts people with disabilities. The most common complaints about the sale of these oranges is either the wastefulness of the additional packaging (which is true but somewhat misdirected as…

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So she spake, so mote it be.

A one-act play(for now)

Characters: One young female protagonist(made to order)

We shall call her A.

Enters stage right:


A:  In maintaining peace, I find myself becoming something I loathe, a yesman.  And I ask myself, does it help?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth suffocating in the mires of someone else’s action, their thoughtlessness?

Is it worth it….. stifling my voice in the humid lump of my throat,  clogged by tears, screams, laughter and dreams?

Sometimes I look around, to catch a glimpse of another person suffering from the same soul-sickness.

But I wonder, do they wear a mask like I do?

And the voices in my head say, “C’est la vie.

Putain salope‘ I think of life fondly, exasperating in all its aspects. I loathe it, and love it. Like it? I do not.  I seem to be oscillating between extremes. I admire its mystique, its power, its lessons and the hope it gives.

Yet it disgusts me for the same reasons.

The swearing doesn’t help, of course. Or rather, it does, for that tiny moment in time, when I can speak.


When you say, ‘I know nothing ‘, I wonder.

Is it plausible deniability, or is it wisdom? Maybe both?

Or maybe you are admitting that you are an ignoramus.

Oh well.

I am done.

Done with keeping my voice down, done with agreeing to idiocy(in the name of blending in), done with maintaining peace.

I give up on giving up.

Peace is costly, happiness is cheaper.

And I have realised I can only be me.

I am irreplaceable in my world.

I don’t want peace. To hell with it.

Freedom is enough,

hope is enough.

I am enough.

And  I am  perfect.

Hums ….fuckin’ perfect (Pink).


Exits upstage left.